Operate with good faith, sincerely treat all the groups, individuals
      enterprises and institutions that we get in touch with and cooperate

      * Good credit: Our company has good records in all the government
      departments such as banks, customs, business inspection, tax, industry and
      commerce etc. We continuously study and research new laws and regulations
      from the related government institutions and pursue a leading position in
      the industry. 

      * Allocate a fund for its specified purpose only: Rapid exchange
      collection, exchange payment, exchange settlement and exchange purchase
      handling; guarantee payment within 24 hours conveniently; timely canceling
      after verification and tax rebate operation and perfect financial system;
      sufficiently guarantee your fund security.

      * Careful calculation and strict budgeting: Detailed expense budget
      control; try to save to the maximum extent on business cost such as
      shipping expense, insurance expense, port expense, tax expense and
      financial expense etc. implement transparent and public quoting and

      * Business secret keeping: Standard and comprehensive business keeping
      agreement; scrupulously abide by strict professional ethics; stable
      customer service personnel; labor contract of confidential articles;
      comprehensively protect your business secret and maintain your interest.
      We serve wholeheartedly and are dedicated to saving time and lowering cost
      for you in every import and export link

      * Professional team: We own a professional team which has rich foreign
      trade and logistics experience, and we tailor the import and export
      schemes and logistics scheme most suitable for you according to your

      * Warm-hearted customer service: The business personnel and customer
      service personnel serve you one to one; the operation personnel guarantees
      the logistics, serving you whenever you need us.

      * Pay attention to prevention: Examine and forecast for your in the early
      stage; avoid the problems that may occur in controlling the actual import
      and export operation process; estimate and control the time of each

      * Standard operation: Strict and delicate import and export management
      system; systematic operation; the process is convenient and simplified;
      strictly control the development of each actual import and export
      logistics link.

      Specialized service, we try to provide professional and comprehensive
      import and export featured service

      * Free consultation: We provide consultation for all kinds of matters
      related to import and export; we guide import and export enterprise
      qualification registration and we can carry out training for the related
      foreign trade and financial personnel of the import and export

      * Special trade: Temporary import and export, entering and exiting repair
      articles, return goods, lease trade, entering and exiting exhibits, resell
      articles, equipment duty free import and other special trade.

      * Preferential policies: The professional personnel read the related laws
      and regulations; professional foreign related international trade lawyer’s
      office provides s
      upport; provides optimal solutions for the clients according to the latest
      policies of the state.

      * One-stop service: We operate with credit and have many long-term
      strategic cooperation partners. We establish our undertaking with
      specialty, and have import and export and international logistics company,
      providing you with one-stop international supply chain service.

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