Road Transportation

Here about domestic land, mainly for the domestic land transport in the import and export trade. Single import declaration, domestic land after customs clearance; land transport the goods to the port or airport and export declarations, domestic land transport.

Business according to the trade through agents, mainly in the inland transport of Beijing, Tianjin to Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei mainly inland transport, the rest of the ports in the rest of the national urban inland transport, supplemented.


Shanghai Airport-based door-to-door transportation from the airport warehouses to customer warehouses. Tradeeasy responsible for delivery, including delivery knot storage charges, check the packaging open damaged prove to Customs supervision library loading, delivery, import clearance. Export air freight, generally after the booking in trade through responsible for pick-up, including playing the packaging, transportation, customs supervision libraries, weighing the amount of volume.

Ocean shipping

Whether LCL or whole cabinet in Shanghai port,regardless of the general cargo or special products, trade through delivery to the customer warehouse.

Domestic land

The last step as the first step in the export business and import business, is very important, it is an indispensable component in the import and export process in trade through providing professional, convenient and safe domestic land transport services

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