International Freight Forwarders

In trade through trade and export agents, import and export declarations, and international freight integrated agency.
International Freight Forwarders container, air, rail, and one or more modes of transport from one country to another country, as an indispensable part of the import and export trade, plays a very important role.


Trade through the scope of business in the international freight forwarding:

Import business: For EXW under the terms of an example, that foreign factory delivery, domestic customers from abroad factory to the domestic factory full freight forwarders. In trade through major ports in countries cooperation agent, can be good for our customers to achieve this transport plan, and timely, accurate.


① Overseas delivery: according to the factory stocking time, well in advance of delivery to prepare.

② foreign export declaration: delivery for export customs documents and export declarations (foreign agent to complete).

③ International transport: goods are loaded on the means of transport, including air, sea, rail.

④ warehousing: the goods to the port, good distribution, warehousing, waiting for the domestic import clearance.

⑤ domestic logistics: go to the customs supervision library delivery, delivery of goods clearance.


Export business:

(1) choice of transport routes, methods and appropriate carrier;

(2) In order to be between consignors selected carrier arrangements, booking;

(3) packaging, measurement and storage of goods, insurance;

(4) the receipt of the goods and the production of export-related documents;

(5) for export clearance procedures and goods delivered to the carrier.


In Tradeeasy characteristics in the international freight forwarding:

◇ through cooperation relations with a number of shipping and air transport freight forwarding, to provide customers with the latest freight prices, while taking advantage of the cooperation between domestic freight services, providing customers with line and a number of domestic transportation.

◇ development of international freight program for the different needs of each customer, so maximize meet customer requirements.

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