Export Agent

1. According to information offer

According to "The export goods information collection table" ,quotation to the customer .

2. Sign agency agreement, Making P/I

After confirming quote,customers and our company sign export agency agreement;We entrusted by customers issued foreigner proforma invoice.

3. collect the payment for goods and pay to the factory

Foreign payment,we collecting foreign exchange,and then remit the money to factory.

4. booking and delivery

According to contract,factory prepare goods and deliver goods,we agent booking space and insurance.

5. Customs Declaration

Goods entering warehouse,export clearance,(detail reference to export clearance process). 

6. Customs inspection and release

To see whether customs checking goods,if not ,shipping on the transportation,and start shipment. 

7. settlement

Issued the bills to customers retreat more fill less,and to the customer open agent export certificate or do drawback.


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