Import Agent

1、According to information offer

According to the product, the information , quotation to the customer。

2、Sign agency agreement and import contract

After confirming quote,customers and our company sign import agency agreement;We entrusted by customers signed import foreign trade contract with foreigner.

3、issued payment advice one

Our company agent pay for foreign exchange (including L/C),we issued payment advice one, including:payment of goods,bank charges and full agency fee.

4、Pay foreign exchange and take delivery of goods

External payment:scanning the bank slip to the customer,according to the contract terms we arrange foreign to take delivery of goods,or foreign responsible for transportation to a domestic ports.

5. goods to ports

Goods to ports,we prepare documents,change orders and declaration.

6. Customs declaration, inspection

Custom officer take documents customs clearance, inspection declaration, and the customs examination of documents, waiting customs issue tax.

7. issued payment advice two pay taxes、Freight and Transpotation

Before the customs issue tax,issuing payment advice two: including international freight、insurance、port clearance incidental expenses, estimate taxes、delivery charges etc.

8. Commodity inspection and quarantine. transfer inspection

After the customs issue tax,directly pay for the taxes with online payment platform,customs check the taxes whether to check the goods;supposing that need legal examine,products transfer inspection,detail reference to import inspection process.

9. Clearance, delivery, settlement

after customs clearance, pick up the goods and delivery the goods , issued the bills to customers with each detail expenses item,customers check it retreat more fill less,we issued invoice, agency end.

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