Export Inspenction

1, the company whether the quarantine bureau for the record

Only in Quarantine Bureau had the record companies can apply for inspection

2, the record companies


<1> Prepare inspection documents: contracts, invoices, packing list;

 <2> Input inspection system, the inspection form;

<3> to pay inspection fees;

 <4> application for inspection of the place (the origin of the cargo) and the actual export ports not in a jurisdiction, APHIS issued a renewal slip, took the the replacement slip to the Inspection and Quarantine Bureau in exchange for customs formalities;

<5> application for inspection of the place and the actual export port in the same jurisdictions, and Quarantine Bureau directly out of customs formalities;

3, no record company

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Import Inspection

1.To confirm the delivery time

   Provide documents, know about the expected arrival date, prepare import clearance documents in advance.


2.Goods to the port

   Goods arrive the ports, carrier deliver arrival notice, waiting for the carrier to the customs system type-in manifests information.


3.Record the manifest information

   Airlift generally need 5-8 hours recorded manifest information ;the LCL need 3-5 days, the entire cabinet generally takes 2-3 days.


4.Delivery order

Holding the original letter of introduction to the shipper in exchange for the original the waybill (bill of lading) and the accompanying documents.


5.collating documents

Arranging import declaration documents: AWB (bill of lading), contract, invoice, packing list, declaration certificate of entrustment/Customs power of attorney 、power of attorney inspection.


6.Declaration and inspection

Type-in customs declaration, handed to the customs declarations documents,the customs examination of documents.


7.Pay its taxes

Examination of the documents is correct, Customs office issuing tax, the customer paying taxes. (Customs Paid to our company, we via online payment platforms pay it for you.)


8.Cargo inspection

After the tax verification, correct, see Customs, and commodity inspection checking goods or not.. ( there are a lot of kinds of situation,Simple classification is: Customs doubt; system approved search)



After the tax verification, without checking, or checking no doubt, custom office and commodity inspection final clearance,then can go to the bonded warehouse pick up and delivery.

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